Unique design exclusively for senior level executive search.

Intuitive format requiring little or no training.

No local software or technical support required.

Fully hosted and maintained on secure OpenBSD platform.

Unlimited users and record storage, including documents.

Customizable, resulting in a proprietary system that evolves with your business.



Fully hosted domain, website and email solutions

Outlook and Mac Mail integration

Web-access options for email, calendars and contacts

Shared calendar solutions

Out of Office notifications

Optional interaction with Velvet database available

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Internet office phone systems lower telephone costs while simulating a professional business environment.

Integrate distributed employee phones into one seamless office phone experience.

Voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox.

All the features of a traditional phone system, including DND, Direct Dial, conferencing, forwarding and more.

Click-to-dial integration with Velvet database available.

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Starting your own search firm?
includes menu-based services or complete packaged solutions.

Search firm process improvements
includes assessment and solutions.

A career in executive search?
includes review and network introductions.

Technology assessment
includes review of processes, security and stability of networks and software



What is Pipelining?

Pipelining is a steady flow of prospects for succession purposes or vacancies, organized in "pipelines" feeding each position.

Regular tracking and updating of market talent on behalf of the client.

Complete transparency and ROI: all data owned by the client and organized in a dedicated online database.

Fees are based on time, not compensation.

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Talent Due Diligence reputation, history, track record, peer comparison, references.

Covert Reference Checks includes historical contacts beyond those offered by the executive.

Mergers & Acquisitions org. mapping, senior talent and providing intelligence for each executive.

Talent Pool Intelligence includes identifying and ranking applicable talent from the external pool.

Competitor Talent Intelligence includes organization talent mapping and profiling.

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Assessment and Review includes review of trajectory and development strategy

Public Persona includes review of online exposure and reputation comapred to talent pool peers..

Career Advice includes resume review and network introductions.



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Our clients have retained us to identify the very best talent within a function or industry. If you've heard from us, know this:

Much of our work is relationship-oriented. Our clients want to know the best talent in the industry or function;

They ask us to find and introduce stars for current and future needs. They know talent often dictates strategy;

We have an important stake in knowing you.We treat our relationship with the highest level of respect and confidentiality.

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All the features needed to organize and manage effectively, but unlike our competitors we can add new features with a simple request.

Custom requests can include just about anything you can think of. In addition to new fields and features we've built:

- Client Worksites

- Candidate Worksites

- Automated Communication



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If you are an executive recruiter you are probably considering the options pictured on the right.

As a builder of several search firms we know your key factors.

Investment Risk: Don' t make the wrong choice & have to invest again.

Simplicity: No need to spend valuable resources for training & support.

Flow: Fit into MY process. Don't force me to change.

IT: No need to manage local software, hardware, or DR.

Portability: Access on any device anywhere.

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